Monday, May 14, 2012

Huge Breakthrough of Automatic Food Packaging Machines in the Global Market

Global food processing and packaging are now dominated with the use of automatic food packaging machines and modified atmosphere packaging technology. Food packaging is used to protect food products from chemical, biological, and physical damages. Every processed food must pass through packaging in order to ensure the safety and quality of food products and get it ready for human consumption.  Before, when manual packaging is in practice, it takes a very long time for products to be distributed because everything is done manually. Also, manual packaging is prone to errors since there are many different hands working on it.

Today, great thanks to technology developments that automatic food packaging machines are already available.  There are even several types of automated packaging machines such as automatic poultry, pork, and meat packaging machines that have been widely utilized by numerous food manufacturers worldwide. It has been trusted by both small and big manufacturers because of its several essential benefits for both manufacturer and consumer. Automated meat packaging machines are embedded with intelligent programs that perform like some genius operator carrying maximum reliability and accuracy.

Meat packaging machines increases the productivity rate of manufacturers because of its high speed mechanism plus good precision and its ability to do multiple tasks coherently. High speed mechanism is very helpful in increasing the productivity because it allows the manufacturers to produce a high volume of output and minimizes waste too. Next, automation mechanism lessens the downtime of the packaging machines because of the application of advanced features, components, and high quality maintenance. Through these applications, uptime will be increased and downtime decreased. Also, automation of packaging machines makes it user friendly since controls, changeovers, troubleshooting, and adjustments are customized with graphical interface. The use of automatic food packaging machines could also minimize cost for maintenance and labor since only fewer operators are required to run it.

Another essential factor that has improved food packaging process is the development of modified atmosphere packaging or MAP technology.  MAP technology is being integrated in most automated packaging machines globally because it has produced healthy and safe packaged food products without any chemical preservatives. Modified atmosphere packaging only controls the natural gases inside the packaging to maintain the taste, color, odor, and condition of the food product. It also prevents the growth of microbial organisms and moisture that causes spoilage. Therefore, the use of automated packaging machines and MAP has been a huge breakthrough in the food industry.


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