Monday, July 2, 2012

Significant Difference of Food Packaging Machines Before and Today

The use of automated packaging machines is not just because of the technology trend but a necessity to improve production. Several food machine manufacturers have been designing variety of food packaging machines that can further provide beneficial ways to both business and consumers. Before, it was quite difficult to create variety of designs because of lack of systems unlike today that almost everything can be done through the aid of computer programs. There were even issues with manual mechanism with food packaging machines before because reliability, accuracy and productivity are very low.

Today, there is great improvement in the capabilities of food packaging machines because it’s already automated. In fact, automated packaging machines can be the business one total packaging solution because it can perform multiple tasks like labeling. More and more food packaging manufacturers are making use of the automated packaging equipments. Productivity rate in using these automated packaging equipments is much higher compared with the machines used before. The production for one day of automatic packaging machines might be equivalent to a week’s production before. There is a significant difference between automated and manual mechanism of these packaging machines. Then, reliability issues were also minimized by the advent of automated packaging machines because of its high end controls. Accuracy is also increased since the operation is governed by computer software that has already been programmed with accurate timing and measurement.

Through computer or digital controls, operations would not have a hard time anymore. The manufacturer’s company could also maximize the flexibility of their labors since they would not need to assign many operators in just the packaging section.

Aside from the technological advancements, the food industry has also been provided with an established packaging system called modified atmosphere packaging or MAP. It’s called MAP because it uses atmospheric gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide to prolong the food’s shelf life. Unlike with the preservatives used before that can sometimes cause harmful health problems to consumers, modified atmosphere packaging only uses natural means to preserve food products.

MAP is being incorporated with various automated packaging machines of today because of its significant effect to food products. However, there is just one common misconception about MAP; where some people think that it can transform the food’s condition. MAP maintains the natural condition of the food; if the food is not fresh before packaging, there is no way for modified atmosphere packaging to transform it. Other than that, MAP has provided several breakthroughs in the food industry.

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